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Still missing!


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OK- last week I took my baby on to get an inspection sticker. When it left the station, it had a miss- just like a plug wire was pulled off or something. I could even hear it "arcing" tick-tick-tick, right up at the coils. All of the wires looked OK but it was due for new plugs and wires anyway so I knocked that out tonight, and after the little firing order mishap (which I corrected thanks to this wonderful board)...

I cranked her up and it's doing the same thing as before. Is it my coils?? How can I tell?


Jeff :angry:

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According to the book for cut outs and misses check the following:

I take it you're not getting any codes

PCM grounds

Then it goes on to check if it is running rich or lean by using a scan tool and monitoring FT

Check to see if throttle body is missing adjustment screw plug

if air flow is restricted

see if there is blockage in the IAC passage or or on the pintle

Vacuum leak

check injector connections

Then check the coils with a spark tester

check the plugs for wetness wrong gap cracks deposits burned electrodes

make sure the ICM iginition control module is grounded

Your coils should be 5000 to 8000 ohm on the secondaries

Your wires should be 15k ohm

hope that gives you some more options good luck!!

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Thanks gentlemen-

It was in fact a cracked coil. Stuck another one on and purring like Caddy! ;)


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