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What's my firing order??!


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How do I get the firing order for my car? I put new plugs and wires on and I obviously got something out of order. I did them one at a time, but I guess I goofed somewhere. 97 SLS??

I looked at the number on the coils before starting but they did not match before.

(7 did not go to 7, and 4 did not go to 4, etc.) I guess the coils had been replaced at one time, is it possible that they are from another car with a different order? Only two of the coils are numbered and the other two are not. Do those numbers even mean anything?

Anyway- I need to see if I have the correct order. Any takers?



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Hi Jeff,

If your still having trouble here's some info for you.

1. The front bank cylenders are 2-4-6-8. "Two" being on the passenger side.

2. The rear bank cylenders are 1-3-5-7. "One" being on the pasenger side.

3. The coil posts starting from the passenger side are (6-7) (4-1) (8-3) (2-5).

4. The fireing order is 1-2-7-3-4-5-6-8. But you don't really need to know that

to hook up the wires correctly.

Hope you get it going.


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You guys are amazing. I could look all over the place and not find that information. This is the best site a caddy owner could ever be a part of! Thank you is not enough. I love this place!

Jeff :lol:

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