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PCM 0335

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I felt my vehicle today make a jerk while cruisin 75mph. I also almost stalled last week leaving my driveway and got a PCM 0335 code each time. Can you lead me in the right direction?

If you mean DTC P0335, you are experiencing crankshaft position sensor problems. Known problem and the sure-enough fix is to replace both sensors. Easy enough DIY task.

P0335 - CKP Sensor A Circuit Performance


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Thanks for the help! Any advice for heavy idling? Any additives or sometjing I can clean. Also I have a small oil leak at my upper oil pan gasket which I am being told is really expensive to fix due to the location. It is a small leak but I can smell it which bothers me. If I switched to 10W-30 would that help. How about lucas products to help stop leaks? Someone told me I could apple some RTV. Is that true?

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