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Clueless about keyless

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Would like to know if it is possible to reprogram the RKE on a '98 Eldo so the drivers door and the passenger door both would onlock on the first signal from the remote.

I can understand the reason for the feature being the way it is , but for our personal use it would suite us better if we could change it. :rolleyes:

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I don't think that is possible. You CAN however change these features: The transmitters may be customized in order to have the following actions occur when a specific transmitter is used:

1. Perimeter lighting on at remote unlock

2. Park lalmps on at remote unlock

3. Park lamps on at remote lock

4. Horn sounds on remote lock

You can make these 4 functions active or inactive thru the DIC



98 Concours

90 Seville

04 Corvette

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