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2003 CTS Service Stability system


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Hi guys,

I am a new member with a 2003 Cts, I recently started getting a Service stability system message on my DIM and after the message the traction control and abs lights in the instrument cluster remain lit....I pulled the codes and found ECM P0318H and EBC C1227H...Isearched those specific codes on the web but found nothing really useful...I was thinking it was probably a wheelspeed sensor but can we narrow it down to a wheel? I could be completely out to lunch though, and it could be something completely different.

Thanks in advance for your input.

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C1227 - Left Rear Excessive Wheel Speed Variation

P0318 - Rough Road Sensor Circuit

I'll disqualify myself due to lack of experience with your car model.

Your C1227 is pointing at the LR corner. And because both codes are "H" (history?), I would monitor the code situation and wait until a "current" code is set before considering any action.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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Thanks for your quick response Jim, the left rear reference is interesting as I have noticed a "whine" at the right rear and was thinking that that might be a wheel bearinfg noise there but it could be a left side noise I am misinterperating....when I clear the codes and the "service stability system DIM message apears again...then get the codes again it shows the same codes with an H...meaning history but the dim message is current any ideas?

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