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Hi all............

Whenever I reset the Average Fuel Economy on my 93 DeVille, I get a real optimistic readout, especially if I'm going downhill on the Interstate. It will read 70 or 50 MPG until I have to go uphill. The point is, the averaging begins high and then works its way down to what is presumably a sustainable average over a period of a few miles, say, 24 MPG on the Interstate.

On the other hand, when I reset the 89 Eldorado, it starts out at around 10 MPG and then takes hundreds of miles(or maybe it's a hundred gallons of fuel) to work its way up to the actual average MPG. I can't recall for sure, but I believe my 88 DeVille behaved like the 93 DeVille and gave a prompt optimistic average readout. Is this 89 Eldorado unique or is there something wrong with the information center?

I replaced the thermostat in the 89 Eldorado 4.5L and have increased the engine operating temperature from 170F to 193F and really hoped this would help my MPG. I was getting 17 MPG and now its taking forever to get the average MPG other than calculating it at the fuel pump.

Does anyone else have a slow responding Average MPG information center?

Thanks in advance,


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