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Help Needed with 96 STS MOONROOF


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Hello all. I have not posted for some time, about 6 months now. New board and winter with no Caddy kept me away I guess. Anyway, Caddies are free from storage finally and my father's STS moonroof has now become a problem again. We dissassembled yesterday and one side is binding up when we try to retract it. Vent is fine, just opening is when it fails. It is the passenger side arm, and it will not come down enough to be pulled back. I was thinking it was the arm, because it works when the arm is removed, but I took to local trim shop and he said it may be the metal gear that spins to move the actual assembly back. I do not know how this can be when it works fine without the arms, but before I start throwing parts at it, anyone have any ideas? Thanks in advance



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I've had to replace my sunroof module twice in my STS (luckily under warranty) for the same problem. I've been told that there is really no way to repair it. You have to replace the whole thing. Hopefully you'll have better luck.


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