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99 Catera 3.0 V6 No heat & hoses are hot


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We have a 1999 Cadillac Catera with no heat. We have replaced the heater control valve and the pump to the heater core. All of the hoses are hot but there is still no heat. There are also no diagrams available on Alldata of the HVAC systems for the Catera. We would appreciate any input. Thanks!

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Try this to reset door actuators:

[t]here is some special HVAC control combo sequence that resets/recycles the blend door actuators, such as after the battery has been changed. it's either in the owners manual or the big servicing book-set.

edit: just found it in the book.

1. turn ignition to RUN

2. press AUTO and OFF HVAC buttons simultaneously for > 5 seconds

3. stepper motors will cycle thru various positions to recalibrate their operation

If this doesn't work, the problem may be the Heater Control Valve is not working properly or the motors that blend air are not working properly.

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