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96 sts stereo removeal

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I cant remember wich style dash the 96 has so ill explain how to remove both

If you have a button panel above the radio with fuel door, trunk, info etc-

Use putty knife or similar tool to remove that button panel that is above the radio. Gently pry it out and unplug the harness. Remove ashtray. There are (4) 7mm bolts holding the radio/heat control assembly. a nut driver is the easiest tool to remove the bolts. Once the two 7mm on top (behind where the button panel was) and the two on the bottom (where the ashtray was) are removed the entie assembly will come out.

If you have the woodgrain or vinyl bezel that goes from the cupholders up to the shifter and curves up with an ashtray built in it-

Remove the plastic trim piece around the radio. A putty knife or similar tool will work great. Then remove your shift knob. If you put the Ebrake on, put the car in 1st gear and look at the back of the shift knob. There will be a slit in the leather. Take a pick tool or small flathead screwdriver and pry out the pin that is inside of that slit. It is a U-shaped clip. Save this. After that is removed, the shift knob will pull right off. Now carfully remove that bezel that goes around the shift knob and up to the radio. (If you have woodgrain be very careful) Use a tool to pry it up, It has clips holding it down. Once that bezel is removed, there are (2) 10mm bolts holding the radio in, from the bottom. Loosen the bolts and the radio will slide right out.

Hopefully this will help.

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