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I'm in the market for a cool wheel and tire package that won't

cost me a fortune. I have a 1991 Cadillac Sedan

Deville - Front Wheel Drive, with the original 15"

wheels, which are very discolored, faded, worn out,

etc. I can't stand looking at them anymore. Tires are really

shot too, soooo,

I would like to upgrade to a 17" ... What do you think?

Have you seen any photos of these cars on here with custom rims around this size, or,

own one with upgraded wheels, and if so, what would YOU recommend

in rim and tire size? Also, I want to stay away from the 20"+ stuff!

Tires Also Needed, Absolutely must be ALL SEASON as I'm up in Wisconsin.

Let me know what you would do as I'm seeking some input on this subject.

Thanks Much,


P.S. There is a Photo of my car attached to maybe give you an idea!


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