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newest water pump part from GM?


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I've noticed around ebay et al that there was a new water pump part that included the new housing, gasket and water pump. I've seen them in the past on ebay, but never took down the part #.

Does anyone know what the GM or ACDelco part number is for it for my 94 STS?



1994 STS Pearl White 260,000 KM (163,000 miles)

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If there is reason to suspect there is a difference between '94 and '98, you should disregard this. A dealer parts counter will need your VIN.

I changed my pump cartridge back in June, and the parts counter guys at Brasington sent me these part #s for my '98:

Water pump kit (includes pump cartridge and O ring) 89017900

Water pump cover 12600022

Water pump cover gasket 12600020

Thermostat 12559807

Thermostat gasket 12574478

Here is what the parts looked like



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