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poor fuel economy


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Wondering if anyone has any ideas.

I had this car overheat and of course then had to change the engine. We used my old intake and exhaust (same sensors as last engine). We found an engine with 60,000 miles and a bad exhaust valve (engine sitting outside.) We tore it down and in doing so saw the original hone marks still on the sleeves. Had the heads redone and now we are good to go.

The problem is that now the fuel economy sucks. I was getting about 20 around town and 24 on the highway. Now I am getting about 14 around town and 18 on the highway. No codes have gone off.

Any ideas?


toolowd AT aol DOT com

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Winter isn't the best time to check fuel economy. Besides the cap rotor and wires previously mentioned was the timing effected by the switch? Did you check the fuel pressure regulator for leakage? Did you damage the O2 sensors or fail to hook them up? Could they have chosen now to give up?

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