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Eldorado93 with slight chuggle.


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Hi, I live in Sweden and my Eldorado TC is a low mileage one (42000 miles)and it has the nice 97-99 chrome rims (from Cardiodoc) with Goodyear Eagle NCT5 - German made W-marked for 270 km per hour.

I have got advices from Bbobynski and I did the EGR cleaning - I changed plugs

and wires -I disconnected the EGR - I had help from guys who did the instrument checking - no errors or codes except for maybe a little rich on the rear oxygen sensor - so I was adviced to put in some injector cleaner (at full tank etc).

None of these things have helped - the car still has a light chuggle or a feeling of ignition miss or too little fuel around 2000-3000 rpm's- any gear. Even the radio reception is disturbed when engine is running - I did put the extra trunk ground wire to it according to the service manuals. The idle is perfect and it accelerates just beatiful and the mileage is as expected I believe around 22 mpg mixed driving.

I have a remanufactured PCM (Delco from Coral Cadillac in FT. Lauderdale) which I plan to put in just to test. I also have some ideas to buy a new Ignition Control Module and a Coil to play around with. When down in Florida I also tried to get some ideas from the Cadillac mechanics - one of them said that he had had some

problems with one or two ignition modules. For the moment I am studying the manual to see or try to understand what can be checked via the CCC. The manual talks about snapshots etc.- have any of all you experienced guys used those methods??

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Thank you bbobynski for all the advices on this chuggle thing.

I just tested driving the car without EGR connected and I still got te same

slight miss which is felt in all gears even without the TCC engaged but I must

say that it is more evident with the TCC engaged above 50 miles per hour.

During the weekend I changed PCM and followed the manual. The car behaves exactly the same as before. I am glad I put in the remanufactured PCM because then I know it works and then I can have the original as a spare part with me as Sweden is not full of Cadillac service places. The chuggle is not severe at all though - for instance my wife doesn't notice it at all but I will continue to

change some parts.... at least it means that I am ending up with spare parts

to keep the car running for a long time.

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