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1997 Tech 2 Reference Guide


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The last time I took my '97 DeVille into the dealership, after pulling the codes, the service writer compared them to the info in a 4X6" Tech 2 Reference Guide to diagnose the problem(s). I recently purchased the same guide off of e-bay, but to my disappointment, there are few similarities between the codes exibited on my instrument cluster and the ones offered in the guide. My cluster shows PCM, IPC, ACM, SDM, TCS, PZM, IRC, RFA, MSM and MMM. Out of these 10, the book only offers diagnostics on IPC,IRC, RFA and MSM. Not too helpful. In addition, the book lists diagnostics on ECM, TCM, HVAC, SIR, BCM, PHN, ABS, VES, ALC, IMMO and CC, non of which appear on my dash when I hit the diagnostic mode. Am I missing something obvious, or did I buy the wrong book? Thanks for any help available!!

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