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Aftermarket stereo install


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I am having trouble finding a smart cable for installing my aftermarket Kenwood into my car. I have the bracket that I took out of my old Cutlass but I am trying to avoid cutting and splicing wires. Any suggestions on where to find one in southeast Virginia so I can just "plug and play"?

Also, I noticed no antenna connection on the factory stereo when I pulled it out but the tech at Circuit City insisted that I would need the antenna adapter(?).

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You can buy the adapter from Meijer or Walmart for around $5 but you will plug it in in the rear by the power antenna and run new wires to the front and into the dash. I have done that on two SLSs now.

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I installed a kenwwod cd/mp3 in dash with amps in the trunk. The only Bose thing I used were the in door tubes. I machined an aluminum adapter to pick up the original holes on 1 side so I could mount modern speakers in the OEM location. Works great! Just allot of work and planning to do a bose car, but worth it when it's done... ;)

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It's all wired to the trunk. The HU only has the line out that feeds to the amp in the trunk. I don't know if you just want to replace the HU, or if you're adding all new amps. I'm guessing you can figure out which ones are the line out from the stock HU, then get some open ended (or cut) RCAs, and run them from your new HU and tap it into the stock wires that feed into the amp. The tuner piece is also in the trunk....As far as the antenna goes, go to a U-Pull and yank a long antenna wire out of like a 92. (that runs from the trunk to the HU) then get an antenna adapter and you're set.

If ou get the adpater you have to run lots of wires to the front. If I were you I would just find the line out from the stock HU and tap into it.

I couldn't even find a dash kit made for mine. They wanted to charge me like $200-$300 to make one. So I just got a GM 1 1/2 DIN dash kit and made it work.

I don't know if I make any sense. I can elaborate if you would like. When I did it I gutted everything out....

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This is sort of off topic, and maybe in another post, but I figured I'd let everyone know.

I have successfully installed an amp and subwoofers in the trunk of my 94 sts. First I tapped into the high level outputs of the two rear speakers... This sounded horrible with all kinds of feedback from the engine. I finally got out the Shop Manual, spliced some RCA's into the low level left and right channels on the reciever by the antenna in the trunk. There was still all kinds of feedback, for some reason I was getting feedback from the - (negetive) side of the low levels, I simply grounded them POOF!, feedback gone, They sound great. Additionally, for the remote turn-on for the amp, i got out the test light, and spliced into a hot on ignition feed by the antenna. IT works really nice. I will post pictures of it sometime.

A new project for the 67 droptop, I have a nice headunit installed (400$ alpine media expander) I am going to put 2 component speakers in both doors and a 6" or 8" sub in-between the rear seats where the mono speaker originally was, all powered by a 4 channel (dont know what kind yet) amp, with 2 channels going to the components and 2 bridged to the sub. Right now I have two 6x9's floating around my backseat, they really need to go.

Let me know if anyone has any suggestions.

Christopher Petro

94 sts

67 coupe de Ville

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