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Its not just to keep your Caddy clean!


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I have seen the Mr. Clean Auto Dry discussed here before but did not ever use one. I realized de-ionized water would be great to rinse and all, but never looked into it. <_<

We had some range fires nearby (about 500-feet away) last week and soot got EVERYWHERE, including the Caddy that was loaded ready to rip outta there. The house screens and windows were really bad because a few days later, we got an 8-inch rain (Nevada style = 8-inches between the rain drops) along with a huge dust storm that turned street lights on at 6pm. We are now waiting for the next plague upon the land... :(

Any way, I bought an Auto Dry kit for about $19 and used it to wash the windows, some even through the screen. My wife was doubting the technology, but even she had to say she was impressed. There were a few areas that I soaked with vinegar (acetic acid) to break up previous water spots. Since it is recommended to scrub some with a mitt or soft brush, I duct-taped a soft brush to a pole for the windows without screens. For through the screens, I cheated and used a small power washer, but I wanted to clean the screens anyway.

The house windows (including the screened ones) are much cleaner now with NO TOWELS - than the ole two-sided game of "you missed a spot". ;)

I think the part that makes it work well with the de-ionionized water - is the special low suds soap the with a polymer that may break surface tension and tend to stop the beading effect. That however, may be a reason some don't use it on their cars, because they think the wax is gone when the water beads are gone. The paperwork says the wax is not removed, but we are all accustomed to see water bead up and then towel it off, (which probaly causes more scratches than anything else). :angry:

I don't own Mr. Clean stock etc, but this system has some potential for those of use who hate to remove screens and lean out second-story windows.


Add power to leave problems behind. Most braking is just - poor planning.
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That's good info....

My neighbor has the Mr. Clean water filter rinser deal... it seems to work on his car.

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