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Engine Wiring Harness Interchange

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I recently purchased a '97 Eldo Etc, Repo,(48k miles) and got the engine and subframe assy, with struts on a second wrecker. When I asked the wrecker driver what was wrong with the engine he said, "he heard It blowed up." The engine did have clear water in the oil. I bought a '99 DeVille Concour,wreaked, with the intention of using the engine and transmission in the Eldo. The question is, do I have to change the engine harness on the '99 engine to a '98 or lower year model for installation in the '97? Some salvage yards say the harnesses are the same others say that they are different. I know that the intake manifold and the rack and pinion are different and suspect th harness is different too. I have the Harness that came with the '97, but it looks like it was removed from the car and left in the street for a couple of weeks.



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Since no one answered I'll throw a comment in. Probably no one on the forum has done this before.

If you have the parts to compare you should be able to tell what you have to use. Because the body styles are different you make have to do some cutting and soldering.

Let us know what works. Good Luck.

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