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PassKey Disable

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It is easy to circumvent, like bbobynski stated - you can wire a resistor in to bypass the vats system. Take a multimeter and measure the resistance of the "pellet" in your key. Mix and match resistors until you get reasonablly close to the measured value. On my car i cut the (orange i believe) sheathed pair of wires and wired the resistor in on the two ends farthest from the steering wheel.

The Kit is most likely a relay that switches in the resistor when using a remote start. This retains the vats functionality when the remote start is not used.

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If you are thinking that this is your starter problem I would question that logic as if the VATS system is interrupting the crank you would get a message on the DIC that would reference the security system...and/or the system would not crank for 5 minutes or so.....until it reset.

I had some sort of SIS code (as I remember), I looked it up in a document listing codes and it stated it was an Input/Output error, as I recall. I could not reset it, is there a way to reset all codes, without going into each section, such as PCM,...etc. ?

When I get home I will test the switched 12V, to see if it is upstream of the starter, or at the starter.

Does the ignition switch have any electrical device in the line, such as a relay ?

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