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IP 1599 - Stall or Near Stall Message


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Today I was sitting in very slow moving traffic for about 45 minutes in 25 degree snowy conditions. I had about half a tank of gas in the car. I hardly noticed that the car had suddenly stalled. It was as if the engine just shut-off like I had turned it off. Nothing jerky, no shudder, no nothing... just all of the sudden the motor was no longer running. I barely noticed it with the radio playing. Anyway, I put the car in neutral and it re-started up with no problem. I checked the codes and only had the IP 1599 code showing in history.

Some other information to know is that I just had a new A/C Delco alternator installed four days ago. I had a low battery voltage problem coupled with a "Battery No Charge" message. That problem has never returned since the new alternator was installed. Also, I have a 2 year old Sears Diehard Gold (7 yr.) battery, tune-up was done at 90,000 (plugs, distributor wires), new fuel pump at appx. 85,000 miles. The car currently has 110,000 miles on it.

Any reason why I would suddenly stall out? I have a feeling it probably won't occur again and that this won't develop into a problem. I just wonder what could cause the stall. It seems like some of the likely problems wouldn't apply in my case based on the above information. Any thoughts?

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