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Air Conditioner vents behind Dash failure


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Hi, all, FYI in case someone else has this problem.

I have a 2000 DeVille. A problem developed with the Airconditioning vents behind the dashboard. The problem prevented any air from reaching the cabin either from the dash vents or the floor vents.

The problem was a motor gear system that opened 3 of the main vents that disribute air to the cabin. My repair shop took the dash apart (wow what a mess behind that dash) and replaced the main motor gear assembly, then, tested the system before buttoning everything back up. All worked well.

I kept the part long enough to open it up and see what was inside that might have gone bad. I could not find anything obvious with the gears inside, or the little motor inside. When I applied 12 to the little motor it seemed to run the gears OK. I did see a tooth missing on one of the gears but that did not seem to cause the main problem where the main vent system would not open.

Still, the new assembly seemed to fix the problem. I get air circulating thru the dash vents, and on the floor vents now.

Cost for repair was $500. That includes the part. As I said, they had to pull the dash out to get to the bad part. A 5 hr job.


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