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OEM Part Numbers for Alternator and Generator


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Hi all,

Anyone out there happen to know the proper OEM part numbers for the Alternator and Generator for Cadillac Allante? I've got a 1989, and have only been able to find CS-144 referenced as a number for the 120 amp generator this car uses. I think Eldorado also used this but am not sure.

Am in a situation where I have to determine whether there is a wire shortage in the car somewhere or something wrong in the grounding. Got codes EO16 (voltage generator out of range) and L411 (lighting system low voltage)

Drove a bit with diagnostics running and battery voltage was hanging around 9.7. Battery voltage Light is coming on alot along with "Service Electrical System Soon". Will have to check wiring when there's daylight to determine what's up. I really Don't want to buy alternator or generator unless necessary. Any advise on where I should get them if I do happen to need 'em? I'm in Phoenix, so if anyone knows of a reputable outlet in this area, I sure would appreciate knowing!

Allen E

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Before you start throwing parts at it, I would have the battery and alternator load tested at one of the aftermarket places. They will happily do the testing at no charge to you. Your reported battery voltage needs to be investigated.

If your alternator is faulty, I would attempt to locate an ACDelco rebuilt unit or take / ship your original alternator to a Starter & Generator specialist for rebuilding. Or do the rebuild yourself.

Installing an aftermarket rebuilt unit would be a last resort. Ever wonder why they offer a life-time warranty?


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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