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can I take apart my radio?


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I just bought a replacement bose radio since my cd player did not work. Does anybody know if I can open the unit and just remove/replace the cd unit and reconnect it to my old radio, this way avoiding paying the dealer for reprogramming the radio for the theftlock?

1998 Seville

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So I bought a radio off Ebay to replace the one in my 98 SLS sonce the CD player does not work. I opened both unit in order to swap the CD player trying to avoid the cost of reprogramming the unit at the dealership (up to $80) Once both units were apart I was able to see there are different connections although they look 100% alike from the outside. I assume each year makes a difference since my car is a 98 and the one I purchased was a 1999. So basilcally its not worth saving a few dollars taking apart the radio.

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These guys fix any GM Delco radio, factory authorized....

They also will sell you the parts, and you can do it yourself....

Their website has instructions and pictures for "how to do it yourself" people who just buy the parts....

Pretty good. Great to deal with. Ordered the parts, boom, couple days.

WarrenJ from this website recommended them, and they are great. I replaced all the light bulbs in my radio, so the buttons light up again at night.... excellent place.

Now, I work with electronics for a living, but, if you got far enough to see the plugs are different, I feel you are very very close to achieving success, and saving yourself a ton of money....

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