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Transaxle to Radiator plumbing


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Logic tells me the transaxle plumbing connected to the top of the radiator side tank is pressure from the transaxle. Is that correct??

My Service Manual is unclear on this point. Trying to avoid a big mess when I refresh the fluid.


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The top line is the return line. The output line from the transmission goes to the bottom of the side cooler on the radiator. It is more difficult to get at the bottom output line. When you unhook the top line by the air box at the radiator the fluid would be squirting out at you from the top of the radiator side cooler. When I flush my transmission fluid using the "pumping method" I screw a short piece of flaired brakeline with a clear tubing attached to the top radiator outlet. Run the clear tube into a container. When the car is started it will pump very fast so have your replacement fluid open and ready to add to the fill port.

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