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94 STS antenna mast and cable replacement


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I have finally succeeded (~20hrs) in replacing/fixing my power antenna. Thanks to all of the forum info, I began by ordering just the cable replacement, but soon realized that the lowest end of the lowest mast section was bent (the last 1 inch). I therefore returned the part and picked up the full kit part # 22100456 for 55 bucks including discount at dealer. I eagerly cleaned up everything and put it all together with the included new parts (lower case cover, screws, upper finial and mast section, both lower mast sections, cable (hook of cable required some slight bending of radius to fit toothed spool gear) and the upper insulator. To make a long story short, the upper insulator has a hole that is too large for the lower antenna mast. This causes the whole antenna mast assembly to push up out of the body and flop to the side of the car. Essentially, the finial stops the mast from going too far down and the upper insulator prevents the antenna from leaving the car and pushing too far out. I took the assembly apart twice to figure out just how crazy I was going - There is a cammed smaller gear that keeps the larger gear spool from continuously running either up or down in case of cable breakage. These GM "weedwacker" cables are interesting ( I believe somebody could fix just the cable with weedwacker cord). Regardless, the fix was to start all over following directions and swap in my old upper insulator and now it works great. So, save the upper insulator when using this kit (GM part #22100456), it may have too large of a hole in the new one. By the way, the upper insultor is a black top threaded plastic tube with a knurled end that fits a 14mm 12pt socket. It helps guide the antenna mast outside the body as the antenna raises.

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