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The Seville needs tunes!


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Recently picked up a beauty of a 1990 Seville. Other than replacing the lumbar switch on my seat and drying and sealing the tail lights (with possibly the 3, 1/8" holes on the bottom. thanks for the tip Caddyinfo!), the radio needs attention - actually resurrection as it is quite dead. I've checked fuses and done several other diag procedures suggested in the FSM. I'm pretty sure it is dead and not merely pining for the fjords. :)

So... Don't think I really want to find a replacement for the stock cassette deck. (Go figure, eh?) Looking at cd/mp3/usb radios with readouts that wont clash with the green LEDs of the car for a decent price is kinda a pain... :angry: More importantly, though, is doing it right.

Are there install kits or items that are recommended? I'm hoping for an easy DIY install and clean, unobtrusive, look. Don't want the radio to 'take over' the dash.

(any thoughts on the radio to install is welcome as well!)

Thanks in advance!

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