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Seville "Z" Grilles


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Would anyone be interested in ganging up with me and a few other Seville owners I've talked to and possibly contracting EG Classics to make the beautiful "Z" grill for our 92-97 Sevilles?

Personally, I love these, and the only 3rd party real grilles out there, without some fair customization to fit a DeVille grill, is that billet grill that EG makes and those overlays on EBay.

If you've never seen the notorious "Z" grille, a picture for the CTS can be found here:






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I would buy one also, except I have one of those CLASSIC grills that wraps over the top. I am afraid that if I remove it, the grill would have left a mark on the hood. When it gets warmer, I plan to remove the grill and see if there is a wear line or mark... Someone here and I forget who it was wanted to swap me a standard grill with the Caddy emblem in the middle for my grill, if I did not have a paint wear line I would do it. Mike


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I want one very bad. I wouldn't pay $800 for one though, for sure. I've already come off of $300 for an egclassics "billet" grill for my '93. My '97 is naked up front though, and I need to get her some dental work.


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