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What are you opinions about the DTS L? This thing is HUGE. Did you see the back seat leg room? I hope this competes well against the Chrysler Imperial. In fact, although the Chrysler looks nice I hope they don't go with the four seating capacity for such a large boat. I think that would be a turn off. The only knock I have against the DTS L is the fact that they didn't try to add a different grill or maybe even some vents/ports like the new Escalade. I think GM should have given the DTS L a little more destinction over the DTS.


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I like it. :D I think it is what has been needed for some time, for Cadillac to make a true full size car.

I love my 93 STS, it is just about the right size for a performance/luxury car. The rear seating has much to be desired though. Minimal leg room, difficult to get at rear seat belt buckle, seats low in chassis make it hard for some to get out/up, and thinly padded seat.

The DTS L looks great for rear leg room, seats appear nicely padded, good height, overall body style is nicely understated, looks nice from all angles, I would likely go for the painted grill.

As my 93 STS slowly wears out, I am planning on going to a DTS model; mostly for the added room.

I was not sure what the available engine power rating would be, I would like at least 300 HP.


Drive'em like you own 'em. - ....................04 DTS............................


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