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For those of you asking for mods...


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Let's just get it out of the way.

One of my biggest problems with cadillacforums.com these days is that all the posts are about "New OEM exhaust manifold?" or "Find codes?" and not so much customizing and what not. I enjoy helping people yes, but it seems like those forums are getting overrun with posts from people who just want free help.

And, yes, it has become odd to see more and more posts about people asking where to get mods, rather than just showing them off.

Here's some sites I know, everyone else, please add on, so we only have to start seeing one "What mods can I get?" post and tons of "Here are the mods I have (with pics!)" posts :) :



Maybe we can kill two birds with one stone and get thsoe people who are asking for free help to read a thread with links like these and come back with an awesome caddy!

Here's a site where I got my mufflers:


I'll search for the site where I got my custom floormats and spoiler tomorrow.

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