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Anybody ever install a head unit in a 93 Seville

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"Bentham" is plan on doing this, I am curious what is behind the OEM tuner cassette control panel in the dash and how deep, since the amplifier is in the right rear trunk.

I think this may be the same issue (problem) on any "non-Bose" 92-97 Seville or Eldorado,...curious...

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Plenty of room for an aftermarket radio in a 93. I have a clarion in mine and had to use a generic mounting piece. I rewired it all myself instead of hacking into the original plug... 4 years ago they made nothing that was "plug and play" but you might try looking now. I also had to rewire to the speakers as well (bose system)...

It is simple to see what's behind the radio if you want to look. Just carefully lift up on the wood piece that is around the shifter and holds the ashtray. (best to start at the top near the radio,pull towords you, then you can get your fingers around it. Then pull up around the shifer.)

Once out of the way there are two nuts holding the bottom of the radio. Loosen and pull out, dont drop those nuts or you will have fun finding them for hours. (dont read into that).

I beleive it is two connectors and the antenna and you are home free.

If you have any other questions... send them out MD

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Very simple to do, just time consuming. Run all new wires is the safest and easiest way. I kept all the old wiring intact just in case I sold the car and wanted to replace it with the OEM system.

You will have to drill a hole in the passenger floor board to run your 4 gauge to the battery. There is no room in the firewall that I could find. Got your power now, hook up your speaker wires to the amp, connect the head unit, and tap into your power antenna. Bam! done.

The nice thing about the Caddy is that you can have your ears bleed inside the car, but you can't really hear anything when standing outside the car. They are very noise proof.

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