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Turbocharged Cadillac 4.9 in Fiero


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Here's the link to a Fiero forum. This guy put a turbo on his 4.9. He used a GM4 (6.5 diesel) turbo. Running a max of 5 lb of boost. He's using a th440 tranny with 3.33 gears. I think he was using a 1 bar map 730 ecm(same as cadillac map?) and a TBI from a V6 or V8 (early/mid 80s).

I don't remember what the A/R ratio was, or if it was even stated. If anybody can find that, post it. I did some researching on it, and I decided that because the caddy had so much down low, that .6-.7 would be about right. This is all very inspiring. Hint somebody with money and time!


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