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N* CKP (crank sensor) replacement


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Along with the plugs I also received a pair of new crank sensors. GM # 012575481 (grey) and 012575482 (black)

Using the ammended installation instructions given by OnyxSTS HERE I set about installing the sensors.

I feel I need to tell you all that you should be prepared to get covered in oil. It's messy enough changing the oil filter but removing the filter, undoing the cooler lines and unbolting the filter adapter was just about the messiest thing that I've ever done.

I found it very difficult to undo the oil switch connector, the wiring was clipped tight and when I managed to unclip it I found that the wire was still too short to be able to undo it.

I struggled for a bit and it finally came undone.

With the oil filter adapter off the car I could see the CKP's. The fixing bolts were difficult to undo, I could not get my hand up by the motor mount very easily.

I undid the lower sensor and as suggested by OnyxSTS I removed the connector after I'd removed the sensor. I then removed the upper sensor and connector.

I wiped over the side of the block before fitting the new sensors, putting the connectors on before fitting the sensor.

Some useful info is that the connector for the oil pressure switch is the same type used on the throttle position sensor, lift the tab and pull it apart.

The CKP connectors are the same as the coil cassette connectors, you need to remove a small locking piece before pressing the tab and pulling apart.

I put everything back together and started the car and let it idle. The motor seems to be running much quieter than before.

I switched off the engine, let it cool for about 10 minutes and checked the oil. Because I had removed the oil filter, cooler pipes and adapter the level was low and needed topping up.

I went for a quick drive and I honestly believe the car is faster and quieter.

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