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'96 Aurora problems


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Sorry this is off-topic in a Cadallac forum but I have always had good luck in this forum. Besides they both have Northstars.

I tried going the the gm forums Aurora board but it doesn't seem to be up anymore.

My son has a '96 Aurora and it is having a strange problem.

Yesterday he pushed on the brake pedal and noticed that it took a lot of effort to stop the car, just like there was no power boost. At the same time the check engine light came on and the heater fan, which was on high slowed down noticably. Then the car started to run rough. The idle was all over the place and it wanted to stall.

Now eveytime he starts the car the check engine light is on and the brake requires high effort.

I have driven it and the brakes, traction control, and ABS seems the work fine. I have checked all the vacuum hoses and the booster check valve. Everything seems fine. There is a noticable vacuum pull on the hose running to the booster. When I pulled the check valve out of the booster there was a hiss indicating that there was a vacuum held in the booster.

I don't have a scan tool since I haven't needed one for my cadillac. I will try to look one up this week. Any suggestions on a good one I can use with my laptop?

With the car idling, if I push on the brake pedal the effort is high and the engine rpm's will drop, sometimes killing the engine.

One other thing. I have not been able to reproduce or verify this but my son says that when this all happened the first time he also had a hard time pushing the accelerator pedal. He sait it was "locked up". No I can't see how this could be but he swears it is so.

Does anyone have any ideas as to what the problem could be?

Thanks all,


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I never second guess brakes! Do take it and have it checked. I'd want to be sure if I needed to brake, the car would stop. If I think my brakes feel different I immediately take it to the garage! As for the accelerator pedal being hard to push, this may have been a reaction to the pressure the brake took to slow the car, it may have felt hard to push also but really wasn't.

**Please let us know what you find and post back. It really helps us all to know the solution to problems**

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Regarding your quest for a Laptop type code reader:

I have been happy with the interface box from http://obddiagnostics.com/index.html

It does a great job on "P" codes and includes a graphing function for O2 sensors. Download the software and run it in Simulate mode to get a feel.

Good luck with the brakes.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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