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One for the RC model fliers

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My Dad flies that stuff....

Well, I should say, he flies mainly the ones that are 40% of real size.... so they have like a 7 foot wingspan, and they're maybe 8 feet long... gas engine powered...

But the concept is the same. They call those "foamies", the small electric planes, because they're made mainly from foam, to keep the weight of the electric plane as low as possible....

Lots of the guys who have the big ones also have a few "foamies" they play around with & fly indoors, especially in winter.... has to be super calm winds to fly them outside... they're really light.

Somewhere, I have a video clip of my Dad flying his in a hotel room... it's pretty funny for awhile, but ends badly.... a little small in there... ;)

Neat video clip though.....

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