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We got Flocked but good !

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Sorry... evidently posted this twice trying to get pic size down (quality sucked tho...)


This is not what you expect on your front yard in Nevada... :blink:

I thought the color combo was interesting with the Caddy. :P

The local Hospice group raises funds by "flocking" unsuspecting friends' homes for $25. Our yard and two of my neighors' yards looked like we were descended upon by hordes of hungry pink Flamingos. :unsure:

My little 8-pound daschund nearly freaked out when I set him in the middle of the flock. :o

Enjoy :D


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I first read your post where you didn’t have the photo and thought you meant that your yard was sprayed with pink party string or something. I said to myself…hmm…he’s taking it pretty good. I pictured your yard and trees full of pink string. Then I thought…if that were my yard I would be pissed. Then I saw your post with the picture and I thought…Oh that’s not bad. :lol:

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