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2000 DTS won't shift out of park!!


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Hi is there some type of switch that need to be replaced? I'm think it is the brake switch but I still see the taillights light up or perhaps the neutral safety switch? I was able to find the emergency switch to get the gears released from park, but he need to do that everytime he switches gears from park. I don't hear the little tick sound when you press the brake to switch out of park.

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There are two switches operated by the brake pedal. One of them is out of adjustment or there is a wiring or connector problem at the switch.

Just one panel to remove for access and the switches are removed from the mounting bracket with a slight counter-clockwise twist.

Adjusting the switch actuating point requires three hands. :)

But it could also be the release solenoid or related wiring.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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