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Thanks to all who responded to my other questions, I appreciate it. But,sorry,I have a few more. As you will see by the first question I obviously do not have an owners manual yet , but I'm getting there.

While looking for possible blown fuse for ELC, I found a couple of abbreviations I need help with--in glove box fuse box,30A breaker DAB (What is this?)--in fuse/relay box under hood,10A fuse ECS (What is this?)

Previous posts indicate that the ELC has a relay somewhere--I cannot find anything but 2 fuses in glove box for ELC comp & ELC exh-- Is there a relay or breaker I cannot find? Also, does anyone have a schematic or diagrahm of the ELC system?

Under rear bumper (actually part of bumper cover) that recesses under car to help hide things,I assume. But there is supposed to be something that helps support this because mine just hangs down and I can see where something was bolted across but has been cut or torn off. What is this and where does it bolt to on body or under car? I don't think I'm explaining this too well,but someone knows what I mean,I hope.

Sorry about the length,but I need help. Oh yeah,88 Eldorado!!

Thanks in advance ,Scott

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