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Bose Speaker "chirping"


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Hello everybody,

I experienced a "chirping" in the right rear speaker recently, well audible especially when performing bass frequencies. I took the speaker out of the rear shelf, which includes removing seat bottom, seat back and shelf cover. The speaker is mounted in a vehicle specific plastic "cage", which itself is fixed to the rear shelf by plastic clips.

After I had the complete assembly out of the car (plastic cage/speaker/amplifier) I noticed there are four round tin clips which should attach the speaker firmly into the "cage" (see photo, excuse poor quality, was taken with mobile phone camera).

These clips had come loose, so that the speaker was allowed some movement/vibration. It was easy to push the clips to a tight fit by means of a small socket.

Did the same to left speaker but these were still tight.

After reassembling the speaker is performing well again.

So if you experience a similar problem you should consider checking this.




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