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Vechicle Emission Test


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How many miles are on the car? If 95-100K, has it had it's scheduled tune-up? Does your Service Engine Soon light ever come on? Have you retreived any stored codes? There are a number of things that can cause high emissions. The first thing that comes to mind right away is the PCV system. If it is not functioning properly, it will increase emissions due to a higher concentration of crankcase gasses. The best thing to do is to make sure the tune-up is done properly around the 100,000 mile mark and only use the correct OEM parts.

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Same thing here... I smogged my 94 Eldo on Friday and passed by the skin of my teeth... On the Kalifornia rolling dyno test, I came closest to failing at 15mph with 79ppm out of a max 81ppm HC reading... CO and NO were very low...

88K miles on mine and new plug/wires 15K ago...

My first thought was doing a fuel system leakdown test to make sure the regulator or injectors aren't leaking... One other concern I have is can the cat converter be on it's way out??? The car is 10 years old after all and does have almost 90K miles on it...

One curiosity I do have though... Can a weak battery cause enough problems with the ignition system to hurt emissions performance??? I noticed that the interior lights were dimmer than normal over the last couple weeks and the car was cranking over a little longer before starting... Bat voltage shows around 10.9-11.0 with the first key on operation of the day... I had a spare Optima battery in the garage and swapped that in tonight... I noticed right away that the car started right up instead of cranking over a few times before...

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