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Turn signal bulb replacement?

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My '95 Seville is constantly having problems burning out turn signal lights only on the rear right. The ones on the trunk are burned out now. Would someone please tell me how to get to them? I see a thumbwheel inside the trunk that unscrews, but I don't know what to do next.

Also, is there anyway to keep this from happening? Teh alternator and battery are new.


Carroll Morgan

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well, i don't know if this will help with your problem of continually blowing bulbs, but when i did replace some bulbs in the taillight assembly, i found that they were

lathered up with some kind of grease (di-electric i believe...i use general purpose grease). i had never seen this practice before and i'm pretty sure they came from the factory this way. at the very least, the grease will help prevent rusting of the socket and the bulb...might help with the premature wearing of the bulbs, also. jackg 90 seville 93k

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