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coolant change


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I plan on changing my coolant in my 99 seville this weekend, I dont know if its ever been done. Is there any special filling procedures? Or just drop the old stuff out and refill through the overflow tank? Any purging or anything required? (and yes i plan on putting dexcool back in)


p.s for anyone who had responded to the buick question i possed a few weeks ago, i changed the fuel pump and FPR, and it is now fixed.


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why the Bar's leak stuff, i dont have any leaks or anything now..? I dont really want to start pulling hoses off, I just want to drain the fluid from the raddrain and refill. I gotta find that stuff at a auto store in order to put it in.

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Bar's Leaks is insurance.

My '98 has a sticker under the hood that states:


This engine requires the use of GM coolant supplement (sealant) and silicate free long life coolant meeting GM specification 6277M.

When refilling the engine cooling system, add three pellets of engine coolant supplement (GM part #3634621) and coolant antifreeze (GM part #9985809) to the lower radiator hose. These tested and approved materials are available from Cadillac dealers."

Bar's Leaks is the supplier of GM part #3634621 (or whatever the superceded part # is today).


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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