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Maniacs on the roadways and kids (comical roadrage occurance)

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Today was a mess, bicyclists driving out in front of me, a Lexus runs a stopsign for a near miss and a he was lucky it was me because if it was anyone else they'd have hit him, a guy who slams and jams down his brakes at an intersection I guess he must have thought he had a stopsign at the last second

And to take the cake some kids were zipping in and out of traffic so I honked the horn on them and poof they were so mad and angry we stop at a light they get up beside me saying all of this kids lingo like what the *smurf* you want *smurf* and all of this sillyness and it was so funny I cracked up laughing at them and then beat them in a race. That angered the mental cases and they start driving all crazy fancy like idiots.

So at the next light they get up beside me again I guess they're real mad now so I start talking some lingo back at these clowns..

I was making fun of them with the "Hey whazzzup ma nizzole, geee!!" and laughing at them.. and they were so mad and angry until they saw my .357 sticking up out from between the seat and the armrest. They didn't see it the first time since they were on my side. Ha, ha, ha.

*smurf* kids these days. :rolleyes:

I bet they all pissed themselves and went home to play with themselves and do some crying :P


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