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Transmission Help Please!!! Seattle Area


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Hi all,

I have a 1994 Deville Concours. Recently had a rapid loss of transmission fluid. I checked the two tranny cooler lines at the front under the air box from on top and it is dry. The leak seems to be coming just under the car on the left driver side of the oil filter area. At least, this was while the car is at rest and not started. I started the car and drove half a mile before someone stopped me and told they could see my car leaking something from under the car. I stopped to check for a minute and the transmission fluid was leaking into a quite a large pool of tranny fluid. At that point I nursed it home since I was still very close to home.

Has anyone had this problem or any ideas what might be causing this massive leak?

The other question is, does anyone know of any reputable Transmission shops in the Seattle or Redmond area? Shops that will really try and diagnose the problem without first coming to the conclusion to R&R the complete tranny.

Thanks alot,


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