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Drain and refresh coolant


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This procedure will also outline the simple steps for any model that has the pressure cap on the coolant reservoir. I do not use the drain petcock on the bottom of the radiator for several reasons: one, it is a pain to get to; and two, it makes for more cleanup from dripping.

Put the front end on ramps or at least high enough to place one or more containers under the area of the water pump and hoses to catch (some of) the old coolant.

Remove the air intake plumbing (don't forget the IAT connector).

Remove the pressure cap from the reservoir.

Remove the TOP hose from the coolant crossover.

Remove the BOTTOM hose from the thermostat housing.

Allow to drain. Be sure the reservoir is empty.

Remove the small diameter rubber hose from the top of the reservoir and blow through the hose back toward the coolant crossover. Should be clear. Replace hose on reservoir fitting.

Apply air pressure to the TOP hose to remove more coolant from radiator.

Coolant will drain slowly from the thermostat housing for 1/2 hour or longer.

Place one tube of Bar's Leaks Golden Seal powder in BOTTOM hose and install hose.

Place one tube of Bar's Leaks Golden Seal powder in TOP hose and install hose.

Fill reservoir to FULL COLD mark with mixed Dex-Cool and distilled water, 50/50. Install pressure cap firmly. I usually use 7+ quarts of coolant to fill the reservoir to FULL COLD.

Install air intake plumbing (don't forget the IAT connector).

Flush any spilled / splashed coolant from top of engine and fenders and reservoir.

Start engine and inspect for leaks at hoses.

Drive slowly a mile or two to get engine to thermostat open temperature. Bump throttle to 3,000 RPM several times to purge air.

Park and let cool. Adjust coolant level in reservoir to FULL COLD mark. Check cold several times.

Well done. Now clean up the spilled coolant and dispose of the old coolant in an evironmentally and pet safe manner.

There is a tendency for the cooling system supplement to drop out of solution in the reservoir. This has the appearance of rust or some other undesireable junk. It is harmless. If the appearance really bothers you, remove the hose from the bottom of the reservoir and run some water through to flush. You will not flush all the supplement because of the internal baffles in the reservoir.


Drive your car.

Use your cell phone.


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