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Bose speaker compatibility


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Hi guys, I wanted to put a new Pioneer DVD/Cd flip screen in my 98 STS. I would need to remove the factory Bose 425 watt system. I was turned off by the project when one of the techs told me I had to change all 8 factory speakers!!! I guess the impedence or (Ohms?) for Bose speakers are unique and would sound like crap if hooked up to factory speakers? Is that true? Also does anyone know the specs (ohms) on the Bose speakers?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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I have a Pioneer in dash flip out DVD/CD player in my car. I am still using my bose speakers. I re-wired all of the to be ran directly off the deck power. So the factory bose amp isn't hooked up at all. Yes, the sound quality isn't as nearly good as stock, but it will do. Just depends on your personal preference.

But there is good news. You can run that pioneer deck and still use your bose speakers and amp. ( i haven't had the time to drop mine off to the shop to get it changed yet) All you need is an adapter. I posted this a while back.


Or search this site for "aftermarket stereo kits and harnesses"

The first link if for the adapter that lets you use the bose setup. The second link is for a in dash kit moulding that fits the 98 and up Sevilles and Newer Devilles.

There is also a module that lets you use the steering wheel controls with aftermarket decks.

i might consider selling my set-up, let me know if interested.

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On my 94 Gold Bose System, the speakers have 1 ohm of resistance each. The problem is that most amps and head units ARE NOT stable at this low resistance and will burn out. Its almost like having a dead short. There are some amplifiers that are stable to this low a resistance,(like the factory Bose amps) but will be more expensive. The lower the resistance, the more power the amp will give out. Most amps are rated for 8 and/or 4 ohms.You can always go up in resistance,at the sacrifice of wattage.

I wired my two front Bose speakers in series for a cumulative load of about 3 ohms and send in 75 watts from my amp.I replaced the two rear 6*9 with some Infinity speakers, which have 70 watts apiece.

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