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V-8 Poker, how to rank the various "hands"?


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Its getting a bit murky with all the various engine technology out and about.

Does anyone have a way to "Poker rank" varius engine designs, given a similar displacement - maybe around 5-liter or 300-cubic inches? Sorry if this too hard to figure out with all the various enhancements (hemi-head, variable valve timing, etc ) blurring the lines? For that matter, is this "Engine 101" and too much to explain in a forum post(s).

If a few rankings were possible, then it would be handy to assign a price tage for the step-ups or add-ons if possible. For example, would the Northstar 4.6 supercharger be about $3,000 installed?

This assumes that a beginning "high card" would be a something like a standard 16-valve, OHV, short block 302, that might crank out about 250hp on regular gas with a 4bbl carb. I suppose it might be stronger?

Just trying to rank 'em a bit. Need to know the rank in hands - before betting...


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