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I'm Still Here!!




I know, it's been awhile.... I'm not dead, I've just been busy...

Last winter COMPLETELY kicked my little butt to the curb... completely. Snowing like every day, working nights (when they don't plow), pounding through fresh snow night after night.... I might be scarred for life...

And this spring, I picked up my new Bike, a 2007 Harley Davidson Road King Classic... Super Nice.

So, I spent a good part of March and April in my garage, bolting on the accessories and hop up parts...

I have finally reached a point on that where I'm sort of done "for now"... at least, the heavy stuff is done... engine computer, exhaust system, air intake, chrome controls... the big things I wanted to do are done.

So that's it. Running really really nice. Has tons of power. Very smooth ride.

With the weather finally improving, I've been riding almost all the time...

Also, in case I wasn't busy enough, The Doc (my girlfriend) got her motorcycle license a few weeks ago, so we've been riding around...

I have another big piece of news, but I'll let you digest this post first, and get to that in a few days...


Patrick (and Fireplug)


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