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The Legend of Fireplug...



Well, I suppose some of you may (or may not) have been wondering, Who's Fireplug, and why does he get his picture taken???

Glad you asked. And if you didn't, feel free to skip this...

Long time ago, I was moving out of my parent's house. My much younger sister, who to this day has a monsterous doll collection, comes into my room with little Fireplug, one of her stuffed toys that she used to carry around the house with her all the time.

She says "Do you want to take Fireplug to your new house, so you won't be lonely?"

Now, no one will argue that I'm pretty cynical, but even I was a little moved by that. So I did.

A couple years ago, out of the blue, she asks me "Do you still have Fireplug??"

So I said "Sure!", even though I was like, who knows, after 5 or 6 moves, he could be anywhere, poor guy....

A couple months later, she says "You don't have him, you lost him!"

After a search of my premises, there he was, wrapped in cloth, in a box... heh heh heh, he survived!

So, to rub it in a little, I keep taking him to places, and taking his picture. It's taken on a life of it's own, really... it'd be hard to stop now...

He recently survived a motorcycle parade over the 4th... he's got the life, what can we say....

And that.... is the rest of the story...

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