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  1. Not for $15, that's a price you get when you're a shop & do a lot of business with the machine shop. Before I retired, I dealt with several machine shops, a few that would have done it for free. You can barely get a brake disc machined for $15 these days, forget about chucking up a CV shaft end.
  2. What's the name of this machine shop, where is it located? Is that retail labor cost, or your shop "favor" rate?
  3. Package arrived yesterday, I have to say this is some piece of engineering from Fitzall. Half Shaft looks great and the seal / bearing assembly is really well machined. It's basically a steel housing with a bearing and seal pressed in. Spare seal included. Pics to follow
  4. I also am going to try this kit next month. My left axle boot is torn so I need to swap out the axle anyway and I can fix the leak at the same time. I'll report back on the result.
  5. Cool, this is a great thread, needs to be pinned in tech info. My 2000 Eldo is still running great, radiator cracked @ the tank the other week, otherwise GTG. In the 80°f range today here in South Florida.
  6. Wheels are off a 2005 DeVille I hate 4 doors, so no chance I'd buy one.
  7. Update: After 9 months, all is well. Car drives like new.
  8. Wow , almost 9 years and finally a service part(s) Good job Mike
  9. Thanks Mike, it is a nice tight example, unmolested and well taken care of. I had the dealer run the warr history and it had the GMPP extended warranty until 2010. And the case half seals were done while in warranty at the dealer, so one huge job done.
  10. Another awesome South Florida morning, picking up bagels.
  11. Thank you, it wasn't easy to find. But they are out there if your patient enough. I've been looking for a nice Diamond White Pearl Eldorado for years. The entire 8 years I had my Calypso Green Eldo I would see one and wish I had it. Funny how fate (sometimes) works out.
  12. Anyone know what year DeVille wheels these are?
  13. Door panels on this one are good, My 95 did have issues with broken retaining clips. Judging by the dash, and rear seat I'm guessing this one was garaged quite a bit so the sun didn't damage as much as is normally seen.
  14. Thank you Mike & Steve. I have to say the Caddy does offer more comfort and drives better "to me" then my Benz did. Same power ironically. 275 hp 4.2 liter on the Benz vs 275 hp on the 4.6 Northstar. Both are 4 cam 32 valve all aluminum V8, but the MB has VVT intake cams.