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Finished w/ ISS sensor replacement



Finished up the ISS replacement over the weekend. The total job took me about 18 hrs. Not too bad for a DIY on jacks I think, considering the dealer estimates 12 hrs. No major problems... pretty straight forward tear down and put back type of thing. No stuck bolts or anything.

The killer is when I started it back up, I took it around the block for a test drive and noticed I had low voltage. Thought I forgot to reconnect the alternator or something. Took it back into the garage, and heard electrical arcing coming from the alternator. Read the codes, and found P1641, open circuit on alternator L-terminal. Took out the alternator, took it to get tested, and found out it's bad. Just coincidence timing... bad timing! SO... spent a few hours the next day putting in a new alternator... ugh!

But the work paid off. Took it for a spin (again), and everything works FINE! No tranny codes, its shifts perfect, voltage is great... cross my fingers, but it appears that the Caddy is CODE FREE!

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Great job. I have read all your blog and it really seems like you always have something coming up with your car. Great accomplishments. Looking forward to your future write-ups.
I love those replacement engine assembly that I saw.
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