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Never changed a bulb.



In that 1-day window of bliss where I believed that trans and motor were working in beautiful harmony, I moved on to other less demanding repairs.

The car got it's first wash in a year, cleaning off my finger smudged "FIX ME" I so lovingly wrote into the settled dust on the rear windshield.

I decided that I would tackle burnt-out bulb replacement, as I noticed a few were out. Upon removing all front and rear bulk assemeblies, I discovered that "few" was a poor word choice. "Dozen" was a bit closer. Actually, the total came to 13. How does one let a car get to the point of having 13 burnt out bulbs?!? Seriously people! I didn't count how many worked, but it couldn't have been more than about 5. 13 burnt out bulbs leads me to question whether the previous owner(s) ever changed a bulb in the cars life. Have you ever gone to the parts store and purchased that many replacement light bulbs at once? Well, being that I need different style bulbs, and bulbs generally come in packs of 2, I racked up a whopping $30 bill in BULBS!

Once I had all the bulbs replaced, tonight I tackled the hazards/turn signal issue - they were not blinking. Well, all the bulbs were new, so it couldn't be that. How about the flashers? So I change those. Both the hazard flasher and the turn signal flasher. Now the hazards work, but the stupid turn signals still won't bilnk.

What's the only thing left in the system? Must be the fuse I figure. Pop the hood, scan for a fuse called "TRN SGNL" or something to that affect, but nope. Nothing. Saw the HZRD fuse. You would think GM engineers would put it right next to that one, but Nooooo. Gotta be different. They mount it in a separate fuse box, and mount it in the trunk in the most obvioxious out-of-place way - under the trunk headliner, way back in the trunk, behind the rear driver seat. How in the world is ANYBODY supposed to know that is there. It is SO and unconventional location. The only way I found it was through this board. And guess what? The fuse was GOOD! Crap. So now what? Only thing left in the system is the turn signal contacts in the steering column and the wires themselves, both of which are an awefull biotch to trouble shoot and take apart. Tonight, I am really hating this car.

But I will not be defeated, I valiantly plug on forward. Having lost any hope of recouperating "sweat equity", as WarrenJ so perfectly stated, I am now simply determined to not be defeated. This car WILL run, and it will run PROPERLY, even at the expense of my ears as my wife nags at me to get the car out of the garage.


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